Tugas Materi Softskill Bulan 2

Minggu, 13 April 2014

Exercise 33: Because / Because of 
PAGE 121
 1. because
 2. because of
 3. because
 4. because
 5. because of
 6. because
 7. because of
 8. because
 9. because of
 10. because of

Exercise 34:  So/ Such
 PAGE 124
 1. so
 2. such
 3. so
 4. such
 5. so
 6. so
 7. so
 8. so
 9. such
 10. so
 11. so
 12. such
 13. such
 14. so
 15. so

1.  Similarity
likewise    similarly     correspondingly    by the same token    in the same way
  • Men must wear a jacket and a tie; similarly, women must wear a skirt or a dress, not trousers.
  • She was late and I similarly was delayed.
  • You can't teach navigation in the middle of a storm. Likewise, you can't build a system of values in the current educational climate.
2.   Contrast
a.   Direct Opposition
§  Ali worked hard. On the other hand/In contrast/ However, Okan hardly did any work at all.
§  Metin is lazy. However, his brother is quite diligent (=hard working).
§  George is an optimist. In contrast/However/, Bill is a pessimist.
§  Extroverts love crowds. In contrast, introverts prefer solitude.
§  Six is more than five; conversely, five is less than six.
b. Denial of Expectation (Unexpected result)
§  She studied diligently for several months. Nevertheless/However/Yet/Nonetheless, she failed.
§  George is very handsome. Yet, he is not popular with girls.
§  My uncle is 70 years old now. Nonetheless, he maintains his interest in legal matters.
§  It's raining. Even so, we must go out.
3.    Result
§  He passed his exams. Therefore/Thus/Hence/Accordingly/Consequently, he had some good news to tell his parents.
§  Professor Brown is an outstanding scientist. Hence, he is highly respected.
§  He has been studying hard for a long time. Thus, he has made considerable progress.
§  He lacks self-confidence. As a consequence, he is unlikely to be successful.
§  The demand has increased sharply. Accordingly, the prices are higher now.
4.   Addition and Listing
§  Aykut plays football. Moreover/ Besides/ Also, he runs a restaurant.
§  Necla writes short stories, in addition, she writes articles for a newspaper.
§  To prepare his homework, Jack went through various history books. Furthermore, he took notes from several encyclopedias.
§  During her spare time, Ayla practices the piano; in addition, she plays the vio­lin.
§  I prefer to buy fruits and vegetables in the open market because they are quite cheap there. Besides, they are much fresher than fruits and vegetables sold at the greengrocers'.
§  Living in a big city offers good job opportunities. Also, it provides good educa­tional opportunities.



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